Massachusetts Institute of Technology,Jr Joseph Vittek: Proceedings of the Interagency Workshop on Lighter Than Air Vehicles

Proceedings of the Interagency Workshop on Lighter Than Air Vehicles


CONTENTS Chairman's Message -- Alfred C. Mascy Preface -- Joseph F. Vittek, Jr. Exhortation Where Do We Go From Here?-- Charles E. Rosendahl Economic and Market Analysis Basic Relationships for LTA Economic Analysis -- Preliminary Estimates of Operating Costs for Lighter Than Air Transports -- Comparative Airship Economics -- Effect of Present Technology on Airship Capabilities -- Airship Economics -- Some Economic Tables for Airships -- A Study of Design Trade-Offs Using a Computer Model -- An Economic Comparison of Three Heavy Lift Airborne Systems -- An Approach to Market Analysis for Lighter Than Air Transportation of Freight -- Market Assessment in Connection with Lighter Than Air Technical and Design Considerations Bask Relationships for LTA Technical Analysis -- The Effects of Selected Modern Technological Concepts on the Performance and Handling Characteristics of LTA Vehicles -- Boundary Layer Control for Airships -- Airship Stresses Due to Vertical Velocity Gradients and Atmospheric Turbulence -- An Aerodynamic Load Criterion for Airships -- The Planar Dynamics of Airships -- Floating vs. Flying, A Propulsion Energy Comparison -- Long Fluid Filled Bags Suspended by Line Forces -- Computer Aided Flexible Envelope Designs -- LTA Application of a Long Trailing Wire High Speed/Low Weight Reeling System Materials, Manufacturing and Operations LTA Structures and Materials Technology -- Potential Contribution of High Strength, High Modulus Aramid Fibers to the Commercial Feasibility of Lighter Than Air Craft -- Airship Construction -- Operational Considerations for the Airship in Short-Haul Transportation -- Design Aspects of Zeppelin Operations from Case Histories -- Lighter Than Air: A Look at the Past, A Look at the Possibilities -- Mooring and Ground Handling Rigid Airships -- A New Concept for Airship Mooring and Ground Handling Modern Airship Design Concepts The Slate All Metal Airship -- State of the Art of Metalclad Airships -- The Aerospace Developments Concept -- Method for Transporting Impellent Gases -- The Design and Construction of the CAD-1 Airship -- A LTA Flight Research Vehicle -- The Airfloat Heavy Lift Project Hybrid Airship Design Concepts The Basic Characteristics of Hybrid Aircraft -- A Semibuoyant Vehicle for General Transportation Missions -- The Dynairship -- Some Aspects of Hybrid-Zeppelins -- Ultra-Heavy Vertical Lift Systems-"The Heli-Stat" -- The Variable Density Aircraft Concept Airship Applications Roles for Airships in Economic Development -- The Application of the Airship to Regions Lacking in Transport Infrastructure -- Military Applications of Rigid Airships -- Potential ASW Missions for Lighter Than Air Ships -- Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW)-A Specific Naval Mission for the Airship (Abstract Only) -- The Surveillance Airship (Abstract Only) -- Airship Logistics? The LTA Vehicle: A Total Cargo System - The Transport of Nuclear Power Plant Components -- Airships for Transporting Highly Volatile Commodities -- Using Lighter Than Air Vehicles (Dirigibles) in Housing Construction -- Environic Implications of Lighter Than Air Transportation Unmanned and Tethered Systems and Applications Aerocrane-A Hybrid LTA Aircraft for Aerial Crane Applications -- Unmanned Powered Balloons -- Special Problems and Capabilities of High Altitude Lighter Than Air Vehicles -- A Practical Concept for Powered or Tethered Weight-Lifting LTA Vehicles -- A Revolutionary and Operational Tethered Aerostat System Illustrating New LTA Technology -- Technology Update-Tethered Aerostat Structural Design and Material Developments -- Two Lighter Than Air Systems in Opposing Flight Regimes-An Unmanned Short Haul, Heavy Load Transport Balloon and a Manned, Light Payload Airship -- Balloon Logging with the Inverted Skyline -- "LOTS" of LTA Applications -- Remotely Piloted LTA Vehicle for Surveillance Appendices LTA Bibliography -- Authors

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Author: Massachusetts Institute of Technology,Jr Joseph Vittek
Number of Pages: 724 pages
Published Date: 14 Jul 2005
Publisher: University Press of the Pacific
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781410222145
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